Entrepreneurship for Musicians (PRE-ORDER)

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Slated for release in September, 2021

Book Contents at a Glance

- Building your audience

    - Includes Free Audience Worksheet and Dashboard

- Branding

    - Includes Free Personal Branding Worksheets

- Finding your ideal listeners

- Content Marketing

    - Includes Free Kanban Board for Content Backlog Management

- Email Marketing

- Networking for Introverts

- Social Media

- Business Considerations

- Appendix A: Nurturing your creative mind

- Appendix B: Software Platforms

- Appendix C: References/Read List


This is not a rigid book - this is a LIVE research project.

By ordering this book, you'll become part of a private community of independent artists.  You'll have access to our Discrod Community where you can interact with me and other artists.

This industry is in constant flux, and as it changes, I will either update the book, or create new content, so we can all learn together as new information is made available.

Note about Pre-Orders:

- Gumroad will charge you the pre-order price today

- You'll get immediate access to the resources available at the moment of your purchase

- You'll get a message every time something new is added before the official release

- Personal invitation to book-related events

- Access to my private mailing list about Entrepreneurship topics for Independent Artists

- You'll get a notification the day of the official release

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Entrepreneurship for Musicians (PRE-ORDER)

0 ratings
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